Topic Papers


Characterization and Measurement of the Ice Environment

5.1: Climate Change and Projected Impact on Arctic Ice Conditions
5.2: Industry Needs with Respect to Ice Measurements and Data Collection
5.3: Summary of Current Ice Characterization Research: U.S.
5.4: Summary of Current Ice Characterization Research: Canada
5.5: Summary of Current Ice Characterization Research: Norway/Russia/Europe
5.6: Current Practice - Technology Utilized for Characterizing and Measuring Ice

Offshore Arctic Exploration and Development Technology

6.1: Scope of Arctic-Related Technologies Covered
6.2: Historical Background on Arctic Exploration and Production Technology Development
6.3: Research Being Done by Foreign Governments
6.4: Exploration Data Acquisition in the Arctic Offshore
6.5: Development Drilling and Production Platforms
6.6: Arctic Subsea Pipelines and Subsea Production Facilities
6.7: Offtake and Tankering
6.8: Ice Management
6.9: Arctic Operations Common Operational Picture
6.10: Recently Published Lists of Arctic Technology/Research Needs
6.11: Assessment of Relevant Areas of Current U.S. Government Technical Research Expertise/Capabilities
6.12: Overview and Background of Arctic Personnel Safety and Offshore Survival in Emergencies
6.13: Overview and Background of Escape, Evacuation, and Rescue of Offshore Personnel in the Arctic

Logistics and Infrastructure

7.1: Current Research/Activity Catalogue
7.2: Multi-Mode Transportation Limitations
7.3: Managing the Ice Picture
7.4: Aviation and Support Limitations in the Arctic
7.5: Operational limitations Due to Compliance with the Jones Act
7.6: Search and Rescue Operational Support and Limitations
7.7: Marine and Aviation Basing Limitations in the Arctic
7.8: Roads to Resources Program – State of Alaska
7.9: Overland Pipeline Options
7.10: Communications Solutions in the Arctic
7.11: Power Solutions in the Arctic
7.12: Ice Classified Marine Vessels for Arctic Operations
7.13: Future U.S. Navy and USCG Operations In The Arctic
7.14: Future Marine and Aviation Support Bases Supporting Chukchi Sea/Arctic Operations
7.15: The Mobile, Multi-Purpose Supply Base Option
7.16: The Nexus of Western Science and Traditional Knowledge - Gaining the Support   of the Alaskan Native Population
7.17: Construction Materials between the Chukchi Sea and Dalton Highway

Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Response

8.1: Overview and Background of Oil Spill Response Issues Covered
8.2: Summary of Current Oil Spill Response Research Activity (Industry and Government)
8.3: Behavior of Spilled Oil - Current Practice/Operational and Technology Constraints, and Opportunities
8.4: Dispersants - Current Practice/Operational and Technology Constraints, and Opportunities
8.5: In Situ Burn - Current Practice/Operational and Technology Constraints, and Opportunities
8.6: Mechanical Recovery - Current Practice/Operational and Technology Constraints, and Opportunities
8.7: Arctic Oil Spill Response Overview
8.8: Toxicity of Oil to Arctic Organisms and Natural Oil Biodegradation
8.9: Field Oil Spill Response Experiments and Releases to Test Technology, Procedures, and Practices
8.10: Arctic Well Integrity and Spill Prevention Methods and Technology